Ben Kolera: Isolating Side Effects with Monads

Ben Kolera (@benkolera) continues what has almost become a mini-series here at Functional Talks on the Reader, Writer and State monads. He gives, what he describes as a “beginner level talk” which is easy to follow. He takes us on a “refactoring journey” from “imperative” code to “pure” functional code, pointing out that pure functional code needn’t sacrifice state. He uses Scala and Scalaz in his example.

Ben is a co-organiser of the Brisbane Functional Programming Group and a web app developer who uses Scala in his day job. He says he:

“…loves how static types and pure functional programming help to create code that is beautiful, concise and yet still can be reasoned about with minimal profanities.”

Amen to that.

You can find the talk here on vimeo and slides here on github.